New series – 2 Timothy!

Now that we’ve worked our way through Mark’s gospel, you may be wondering what to do with what you now know. Perhaps you have a better understanding of the gospel but aren’t sure how it will apply to every day life or to life in God’s church. To help us find out, we’re starting a new series going through 2 Timothy.

2 Timothy is Paul’s final letter before his execution. It’s usually called one of the “pastoral epistles” which means that Paul spends most of the letter focusing on how the recipients are supposed to do ministry. While that may sound like it’s just for the folks who are in leadership in churches, there are huge applications for everyone in the body of the kirk.

And so, heading into the weekend I highly recommend reading through 2 Timothy (and Acts 19-20 if you have some extra time). It’ll take you about 15 minutes to read through it which means you could easily read it at least once each week while we meditate on it together on the Lord’s Day.

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